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Big 5 Challenge in Saalbach

The XXL-Tour for mountain bikers

Big 5 Challenge in Saalbach
Big 5 Bike Challenge

With an altitude of 5,000m along with a distance of 65 kilometres, the Big 5 Challenge is an absolute must for all tour mountain bikers and free riders. Five comfortable cable cars take the bikers up the mountains, where a wide range of single trails provide pure mountain biking bliss.

The Big 5 Challenge is a 1-day free-ride tour which leads cross country bikers and free-riders past 12 checkpoints. Most of those stations have a photo function, the so called SnapShot Stations. The mountain bikers can register at the checkpoints with their KeyCard (lift pass) and take pictures of their personal BIG FIVE CHALLENGE.

Perpetuate your name in the Hall of Fame

At the cable cars’ lower terminus every access point is an automatic checkpoint. Seven further checkpoints can be found along the way. On the Big-5 website you can download the personalised tour, including pictures or see the tour in a virtual 3D world. You can print the tour along with the photos as a PDF file and perpetuate in the Hall of Fame with all the other “Challengers”.

The Big 5 Challenge checkpoints

  • Kohlmaisbahn lower terminus (possible start)
  • Kohlmais upper terminus (SnapShot)
  • Asitzbahn upper terminus
  • Asitzbahn lower terminus (possible start)
  • Schattberg X-Press lower terminus (possible start)
  • Schattberg X-Press (SnapShot)
  • Schattberg West Summit (SnapShot)
  • Westgipfelbahn middle station
  • Zwölferkogelbahn lower terminus (possible start)
  • Zwölferbahn upper terminus (SnapShot)
  • Reiterkogelbahn lower terminus (possible start)
  • Reiterkogelbahn upper terminus (SnapShot)

Guided Big 5 tours

Wednesdays and Saturdays there are also guided tours taking place – registration required on