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Aquarellness-Workshops in Saalbach

Whether you find recreation while lying on a lounger in the sun, during a walk along burbling Saalach, enjoying a culinary meal with Austrian products or participating in one of the many available activities, always remember: Do it with leisure!

Creativity and recreation have gone hand in hand for a long time. You might still be surprised what a positive effect a stay at the Kristiana Art Hotel will have on your soul and wellbeing. A course at the Aquarellness Academy by Johann Breitfuss is a true experience. Especially in spring, when the natural environment in Gleammtal awakes from its hibernation.

Aquarellness workshops

The mountains around Saalbach create a wonderful scenery for a very special kind of spa: Feel the landscape’s sensibility – enjoy nature – practise seeing and watching – be open and invent. These are the themes that accompany you during “Aquarellness”. Just take a deep breath, forget everyday life’s stress and go on a journey “with water and colour to yourself” – these are the goals you can achieve at the Kristiana Art Hotel.

“Spring Sun and Snow Summit”

The Aquarellness Atelier, a room separated from the rest of the hotel, is available for your use. Real creativity takes place at the intersection of nature and human outdoors. With “Spring Sun and Snow Summit” the warm sun in March, the approaching spring as well as the snow-covered mountain tops provide unforgettable motives.

The course takes place from 22.03. to 29.03. The prices for 3, 4 or 7 nights, half-board as well as 2, 3 or 6 day Aquarellness are € 321; € 428 and € 749 per person.