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Johann Breitfuss – the artist

Enthusiastic hotelier, artist and painting coach

Enthusiastic hotel owner, artist and Artcoach
Host and artist

Your host at the Kristiana Hotel, Johann Breitfuss, is not only hotelier, but also sommelier and creative chef. That’s not all: the host at the four-star hotel in the heart of Saalbach has dedicated himself to art. For more than 20 years he has been devoting himself to aquarelle painting with a great level of enthusiasm. He loves to share his knowledge.

Water and colour – these are the basic ingredients Johann Breitfuss uses for his artistic work. During this creative process pieces are created, which provide wellbeing at the Kristiana Hotel, amongst other places. For over 20 years the artist has embarked on his painting journeys, which usually lead him to happier places, where he lets his creativity run free.

With water and colour

“In my painting I try to concentrate on the fundamental aspect: the colour. I am a bit reserved when it comes to formal inventions. I purposely forego tricks and shortcuts. All my steps can be seen on my paintings and be reconstructed.” Johann Breifuss explaining his painting philosophy. “Water can flow or stagnate, can be powerful or gentle, can be tamed or finds new ways itself. Through colour I can make the water visible. Flowing or resisting, all of it is a constant challenge for me.”

Milestones in the career of Johann Breitfuss

Art has captivated him since his early years of life. Intrigued by his brother, who watched more cultural programs than sports broadcasts, he became fascinated with painting. He trainied at the Academy of Art and Design in Hamburg. Numerous painting journeys across Europe along with the constant curiosity to learn something new, have shaped artistic aspect of his life. With the construction of his unique studio next to the hotel, his artistic works have found a home.

  • 1990: Joint exhibition Painting Groug Maishofen
  • 1991 – 1993: Painting journeys to Sicily, Cyprus and Tuscany
  • 1991 and 1993: 2x award winner of the “Gewinn” economic magazine
  • 1994: Academy for Art and Design, Hamburg, class of Rolf Rose
  • 1994 and 1995: Awarded with the Maecenas Prize (Economy for Art)
  • 1995 – 2001: Painting journeys to Santorin, Andalusia and Tuscany
  • 1996: Scholarship by Salzburgerland in Tenno (Italy)
  • 2002: Opening of the atelier with first exhibition, foundation of the Aquarellness Academy in Saalbach
  • 2003: Exhibition in the Tuscany Villa, Gmunden

Johann Breitfuss, unlike many other artists, gladly shares his knowledge with interested painters – during the classes at the Aquarellness Academy. For more information, send an online enquiry or make your room reservation online today.