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Aquarellness – art gallery in Saalbach

Visiting Johann Breitfuss at the Kristiana Art Hotel

Art Gallery at the Hotel Kristiana
Art Gallery at the Hotel Kristiana

There is an artistic current in all of us – we just have to discover it! At the Kristiana Art Hotel painting coach Johann Breitfuss and his team have create the ideal circumstances.

Aquarellness is a fascinating symbiosis of holiday and art experience, which you can only have at the Kristiana Art Hotel in Saalbach. While you take a deep breath, forget about the noise and the stress, you can start an exciting journey to yourself with water and colour. 

Creativity needs a positive environment. Painting along with the relaxed atmosphere at the four-star hotel in Salzburgerland creates a great creative foundation. The experienced artist, painting coach and host Johann Breitfuss focuses on a friendly as well as easygoing atmosphere during his workshops. The so called “technical part” of aquarelle painting is discussed, yet not the main focus. More importantly we want you to concentrate on your feelings and emotions along with being open for new things.

The Art Gallery

The Aquarellness courses take usually place outdoors. But we have also created an indoor premise for the art. This architecturally unique building is the perfect venue to pursue Aquarellness. The bright, spacious atelier offers picturesque views over the surrounding mountains and is a perfect indoor art space for rainier days. Because it is separated from the rest of the Kristiana Hotel, you can work creatively without interruptions.

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