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Aquarellness Academy

Experience the fascination with watercolour

Aquarellness painting courses in Salzburg, Austria
Aquarellness Academy

Experience has shown that many people feel the need to actively engage with water and colour. Following this trend, at the Art Hotel Kristiana we have developed "Aquarellness - to yourself with water and colour."

Under the euphonious name "Aquarellness - with water and colour to yourself," together with the artist Johann Breitfuss, the Art Hotel Kristiana**** has organised watercolour painting classes. Whether individual or group lessons - you can join at any time. All materials such as watercolour blocks, sketch pads, paints, brushes and stools are provided free of charge.

The benefits of Aquarellness Academy:

  • Discover the fascination with watercolour painting
  • Create a foundation on which you can continue painting independently
  • Have your artwork analysed in a benevolent, constructive environment
  • The opportunity to look over the course instructor’s shoulder and get tips and suggestions
  • Discover your personal colour palette

If you are interested in watercolour painting, you can choose from various course dates and course topics such as “Spring Sun & Snowy Peaks”, “Mountains and Valleys”, “Harvest Festival” or “Advent in the Mountains”. Book your personal Aquarellness experience today.